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*PRE-ORDER* Yu-Gi-Oh! Quarter Century Bonanza - Ships 11/08/24

Original price $94.99 - Original price $1,049.99
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$94.99 - $1,049.99
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PRE-ORDER SHIPS: November 8, 2024

*Image, contents, and release date are subject to change

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Product Description

Product Configuration: 12 boxes Per Case
BOX BREAK: 24 Packs per Box

Time for everyone to hit the jackpot! Quarter Century Bonanza picks up where the Rarity Collection sets left off, with a bunch of new twists! Get ready for a wild ride, because we’ve got a lot to unpack.

Here’s what’s new:
➀ Quarter Century Bonanza packs are 5 cards per pack, like the first Rarity Collection, but we’ve replaced 1 Super Rare in every pack with a GUARANTEED luxury Secret Rare (Platinum or Quarter Century).
➁ That guaranteed luxury Secret Rare in each pack is from a special and separate 200-card nostalgia pool that is available ONLY in this luxury Secret Rare slot, and is independent from the standard 78-card set that’s also in this pack. Quarter Century Bonanza is two sets in one!
➂ We’re printing this 200-card nostalgia pool because Quarter Century Secret Rares are only here during the 25th Anniversary, and we know that you have a LOT of cards that you want to see as Quarter Century Secret Rares before that chance goes away forever. The last call for Quarter Century Secret Rares is coming, so let’s kick everything into overdrive, starting right now!
➃ We’ve never reprinted a card that has a Quarter Century Secret Rare version, in that same rarity, ever. And we’re not going to start. This has kept some cards (which have Quarter Century Secret Rare versions) out of products like Rarity Collection in the past. We’re going to get around this by including cards in this pack that already have Quarter Century Secret Rare versions, like Super Polymerization, Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames, and Diabellstar the Black Witch – we’ll just leave them out of the Quarter Century Secret Rare pool. Cards like these will still be available in Quarter Century Bonanza as Platinum Secret Rares, “prismatic” Collector’s and Ultimate Rares, and Secret/Ultra/Super Rares!

Here's a list showing what each Quarter Century Bonanza pack looks like:
♦ Slot A — Luxury Secret Rare (always Platinum or Quarter Century): From the Separate 200 card "nostalgia" pool, and always a "luxury" Secret Rare (Platinum or Quarter Century)
♦ Slot B — Super Rare (always Super): From the main card pool (see below)
♦ Slot C — Ultra Rare (1 in 6 chance to be Ultimate or Collector's): From the main card pool (see below)
♦ Slot D — Ultra Rare (1 in 6 chance to be Ultimate or Collector's): From the main card pool (see below)
♦ Slot E — Secret Rare (1 in 4 chance to be Platinum or Quarter Century): From the main card pool (see below)
Main Pool:
★ Available as all rarities, except cards previous released as Quarter Century Secret Rares will not appear with that art in that rarity again (but will appear in other rarities).
★ Insert rates on these slots are the same as the original Rarity Collection
★ Drop rates for each slot are independent of each other, so you can (and will) get multiple "luxury" rare drops in slots B through E, sometimes.
★ The slot A luxury secret rare is independent of all these slots. You always get that, on top of any luxury rares from these slots

Is there a favorite card you want to see as a Quarter Century Secret Rare, before the anniversary period is over? Speak up, let everyone know! There’s only a few more wagon train spots left….

Reminders on terminology: “prismatic” Ultimate and Collector’s Rares are new technologies that premiered in Rarity Collection, then re-appeared in Rarity Collection II and now Quarter Century Bonanza. They are separate from standard Collector’s Rares, which still appear in certain booster sets like Maze of Millennia, Valiant Smashers, and Wild Survivors, and the older, etched, Ultimate Rares, which remain exclusive to Official Tournament Store Tournament Packs.

*Set name, contents, and design subject to change.